Winter Gotta Haves

November 09, 2017


Winter Gotta Haves. Cold weather is a brewin’ and all you gals right now are scrambling through your closets trying to figure out what to throw away, what to keep, and what you need to buy. If you’re like me, you’ve hung on to the things that have emotional significance such as that T-shirt you wore when you were oh so young and probably will never wear again but darn it, it was the tee that you wore at your first Rolling Stones concert.

You know the golden rule: If you haven’t worn it in two years then you need to chuck it. But somehow you just can’t bring yourself to do it. So listen to me. Close your eyes. Envision a beautiful, clean, clear closet where you can actually see the floor. Then chuck that bad boy into your nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army bag. You'll feel a huge load of relief afterwards; and you might miraculously feel ten pounds lighter mentally by getting rid of all of that emotional baggage.

Now that you’ve purged, its time for the fun part: SHOPPING for NEW STUFF! You got that right – shopping without guilt because you feel so much better now that your closet and your mind has room for new exciting adventures.

So, what should you look for? Here’s a list of our 2017 Winter Must Haves that no Western Femme should go without:

    Layering Layering Layering! Save some of your summer tanks, camis, and swing tops to use as layering pieces for winter kimonos, cardigans, and jackets. Look to see what colors you are missing. Make sure you have black plus other glorious colors such as turquoise and coral to make your outfits pop.


        Graphic Tees. Graphics have recently become super popular. This fashion trend is here to stay and isn't going away anytime soon! Pair your adorable graphic tee with your favorite duster, cardigan, or jacket! You may feel weird pairing dressy with casual, print with print, but we promise this look is SUPER cute and right on point.

          Booties: A Gal’s Best Friend. Pointed toes, square toes, embellished or plain, booties are the staple of life, kind of like water! Buy tons of booties this winter. Booties are easy to wear (no worries about whether your pants will fit tucked in) and look cute paired with a skirt, a dress, or pants. Booties even look great with shorts paired with a long duster. You can't ever have too many booties!

            Beanies, Caps, Headbands, and Wraps. Your hair is screaming for cuteness and adoration too, you know. Match your “hair clothes” to your outfit to add warmth and coziness. The colors are endless and so are the styles. Add some snazz with our blinged out headwraps and headbands. We have graphic headwraps that are super cute with darling phrases. We even carry Messy Bun Beanies so you don’t have to worry about Hair Schmush – that resultant hat flat nightmare.


              Fabulous Jewelry and Bling. You don’t have to break the bank to look great. Posh Equestrian has tons of reasonably priced jewelry to complete your Boho Western Femme look. Layer up your turquoise; add some serape bangles; throw on a few rings; or even add one of our metallic tattoos. The more, the better!

                Hope we've inspired you to create a fabulous Winter look you can call your own. And remember: You’re never too old or too young for bling and glitz. Life is short. So enjoy it with all the gusto this season has to offer!

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