Make This Season Special with This Rustic Woodland Pumpkin Antler Tablescape

October 26, 2017


With Thanksgiving just a hop, a skip, and a jump away, it’s time to get serious about your holiday plans. And by that we mean holiday tablescapes. Nothing is more important than having an oh so perfect holiday tablescape (other than the delicious food, of course!). I am always on the prowl looking for the perfect theme, especially those with western flair. I ran across this one in Pinterest and actually vocalized out loud “Be Still My Heart!”  Not only does it have the perfect western vibe, but it also looked so easy to make. And on top of it all, it cured by shabby chic obsession of white on white.

Of course, you can change the color scheme to whatever you would like. Pumpkins are easy to spray paint or chalk paint. Chalk paint comes in so many yummy colors and it is super easy to apply. You could even replace the antlers with tree branches taken from your back yard, painted to match your color scheme.

So, you might be asking at this point: Why Do Deer Shed Their Antlers? Male deer shed their antlers for the purpose of growing new ones. This cycle happens once a year. Most species of deer will begin to shed their antlers in late winter to early spring (varies depending on location.) Shedding their antlers usually takes about two to three weeks to complete. After they've shed their antlers, they will start the regrowth process by growing blood vessels known as "velvet" around the antlers. The antler regrowth is a very slow process taking place over the summer, lasting three to five months.

Want to try your luck in finding your own deer antlers? Deer antlers can be found in wooded areas where deer live. The best time to find shed deer antlers is from late winter to early spring. Deer usually shed the left and right side of their antlers at the same time. So if you find one side of the antlers, search nearby for the other side. The size of the antlers that you find will give you some idea of the size of deer in the area. And remember: take along a backpack or small duffel bag to store the antlers you come across.

To make this fab tablescape, you will need:

  • Antlers
  • Pumpkins (medium and small size)
  • Votive candles
  • Bunches of hydrangeas or other flowers of your choice.

This tablescape will WOW your guests this holiday season and it is very easy on the purse. I created the entire thing for less than $25.00. Look around your house and I am sure you will find items that can easily substitute what you see here. You can get real deer antlers on Etsy, flea markets, EBay, and Amazon. Or look in your nearest Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or local craft store for artificial faux resin antlers. Don’t have any antlers? Replace them with small tree branches for an equally inspiring look.

The hydrangea flowers can easily be swapped out with fresh fruit (think pears, apples, pomegranates, etc.) or even a small fresh flower arrangement placed in a small bowl of water. You could even use fall colored leaves or any other fall blossoms/dried flowers taken from your back yard. Fill in any open areas with moss from your local crafts store.

Use your imagination to create this special rustic woodland theme this holiday season. The possibilities are endless! And don’t forget to check out Posh Equestrian’s latest selection of fab finds for yourself to create a look and feel to call your own.

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