Raise Your Hand If You Have Seen Someone in a Choker Today!

February 04, 2017


Our long lost friend, the choker, is back and is better than ever!

It seems that just about everyone is into wearing a choker these days. No matter what it is made of - velvet, metal, rhinestone,  leather, you-name-it, just about everyone is donning a choker to spice up their outfits. Even the oh so fashionable little North West has been spotted wearing a choker necklace!

Choker mania reared its adorable face in the Spring of  2014 and this trend has continued to be strong. So what's all this hubbub about a simple piece of ribbon or velvet?  Noblewomen in the Middle Ages wore chokers that with Saint Sebastian pendants to protect themselves from the bubonic plague. During the French Revolution, young women attending the secretive victims’ balls wore red ribbons around their necks to demonstrate the appearance of having been guillotined, expressing solidarity with the rebels who had been executed during the Reign of Terror. In the nineteenth century, black ribbon chokers were favored by ballerinas, providing the appearance of an elongated neck.

No matter what your fashion style, boho, western, hippie chic, or  traditional, chokers are here to stay and Posh Equestrian has some fab pieces for you to choose in a variety of unique styles.

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