I Made A Blanket!

January 27, 2019


It has been so darn cold here this winter. That artic blast just won't stop. I saw this post about hand knitting a blanket and I immediately thought - that's for me. It only took a few days to knit and a couple of days more to add the poms. 

What's hand knitting? It's knitting without the use of knitting needles and you only use your hands. The cool thing was that I used a special pre-looped yarn called Bernat Alize Blanket E-Z by Yarnspirations. The yarn is already looped and you only have to pass one loop through the other and before you know it you magically have a blanket, scarf, or whatever.

The yarn is oh so soft - you just can't stop literally caressing it. It comes in a multitude of styles and colors. And being the shabby chippy freak that I am, I picked white as my color of choice. I purchased the yarn from Joann Fabrics. Here is a link to the Yarnspirations website. I purchased my yarn from Joann's because it was cheaper to buy it using one of their coupons

I made the pom poms using the Clover Large Pom Pom Maker, which I also purchased from Joann's. It was only $6.99 and it made creating pom poms a breeze. 

I hope I have inspired you. Making this blanket was super fast and super easy. You literally need no special talent. I had always wanted one of those large chunky blankets that you see everywhere on Instagram these days. But every time I would go to look at one, they always looked so ratty as if they would not hold up well. I was so inspired that I am using extra skeins of yarn to make a pom pom scarf!

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