Turquoise Stone Slab Phone Grip Cap for Popsockets with Swarovski Crystals

How. Adorable. Is. This. Add some glitz and glam to your cell phone with this gorgeous hand crafted Swarovski Crystal and Turquoise Stone Slab Phone Grip Cap. Beautiful and unique, each cap is loaded with beautiful Swarovski Crystals surrounding a chunky turquoise stone slab. Each stone is individually chosen based on their quality, detail, and color. 

All of the Swarovski Crystal and Turquoise Stone Slab Phone Grip Caps are natural and unique stones. Due to the variations in stones, no two slabs will be identical. All are large and well crafted. But please note: If you drop your phone, it could chip, crack, or break. and we will not be responsible for the replacement of any broken stone grip caps.

Phone grips allow you to get a secure grip on your phone. No more worrying that you are going to drop your cell phone while texting your bestie. You can also use it on your favorite tablet.

Note: Iphone and phone grips are not included! This purchase is for the phone grip cap only. We recommend Popsocket style phone grips. They are well made and are designed to expand and collapse thousands of times before calling it quits.

If you own a Popsocket, you can easily remove and replace the top portion (cap) of your current phone grip by gently squeezing the sides of your phone grip  Just gently squeeze the phone grip cap and release the top. Replace with your new Swarovski Crystal and Turquoise Stone Slab Phone Grip Cap.

This product does not support the new Swappable Popsocket caps.

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