Turquoise Stone Slab Popsocket-Style Phone Grip

How. Adorable. Is This. Add some glitz and glam to your cell phone with this gorgeous hand crafted Turquoise Stone Slab Popsocket-Style Phone Grip. Phone grips allow you to get a secure grip on your phone. No more worrying that you are going to drop your cell phone while texting your bestie. This grip is well made and are designed to expand and collapse thousands of times before calling it quits. You can also use it on your favorite tablet. Adhesive sticks to most devices and cases (will not stick to some waterproof cases or silicone.) To reposition, just slowly pull up on the base. Removal is easy: just flatten it and peel up slowly from one side of the platform (the sticky part.) 

Note: Due to the variations in stones, no two slabs will be identical. All are large and well crafted. Iphone not included! 

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