Bejeweled Grosgrain Bow Ribbon Brooch


You've seen them at Gucci and in all of the high style magazines. Grosgrain Ribbon Bows are HOT right now and we equestrians, who are used to adorning ourselves with our horsey ribbons, say a mighty YES! to this current fashion craze. So how does one achieve the luxurious look of Gucci without dishing a cool $1,000 on a single piece. You've come to us for help and Posh Equestrian is there to support the cause. These ribbon bows feature beautiful grosgrain ribbon enhanced with a variety of jewels and embellishments. Each one has a fully functional pin so that you can easily adhere it to your favorite collar, jacket, blouse, or purse.

Style 1 is a Navy/Red Bow measuring 5" X 8".
Style 2 is a Gray Bow measuring 6" X 7".
Style 3 is a Pink Bow measuring 6" X 7"

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