Egg Gathering Apron

How cute is this? Are you a chicken owner that collects chicken eggs in the pocket of your sweater or do you create a basket with your shirt? If you are guilty of either of these egg collecting methods, then this apron is for you. No more broken eggs in your sweater or your shirt. No more trying to juggle a dozen eggs in your hands. This heavy duty apron fits just about everyone with an extra long tie. Its multiple pockets can be used for collecting a multitude of things such as eggs, oranges, strawberries or other fragile items. Holds 15 eggs with specially stitched pockets to hold the eggs securely. Each pocket measures 3.9" L x 3.1" W.  Sturdy stitching. Apron measures  20.5 inches L x 18.5 inches W. Belt: 37.8inches per side.  {SPR 4753475108952]  

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